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Dan Sadowsky

Documentary Film Editor


Hunger Ward

2020 | Director: Skye Fitzgerald | 40 minutes

Filmed inside two of the busiest therapeutic feeding centers in Yemen, HUNGER WARD follows two female healthcare workers working to save the lives of hunger-stricken children against the backdrop of a forgotten war. Premiered at DOC NYC in November 2020.


Buffalo Soldiers of the Pacific Northwest

Coming in 2021 | Director: Dru Holley | 54 minutes

The story of African-American soldiers who served between the Civil War and the 20th century and their impact in the region. Told through a mix of talking-head historians, re-enactments, photographs, animations and scenes showing how people are preserving their legacy today.



2018 | Director: Skye Fitzgerald | 35 minutes
Volunteers on a search-and-rescue boat pluck would-be migrants from rickety wooden vessels and rubber boats floundering off the coast of Libya. Winner of numerous festival awards including Best Short at Mountainfilm, and nominated for the 2019 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.


Behind The Bullet

2019 | Director: Heidi Yewman | 84 minutes
A new perspective on gun violence, Behind The Bullet profiles four people who’ve pulled the trigger and examines the impact it has had on their lives. World premiere screening at Slamdance 2019.


101 Seconds

2018 | Director: Skye Fitzgerald | 83 minutes
In the aftermath of a mall shooting outside Portland, Oregon, family members of the victims begin a three-year quest to change state laws to reduce the chance of another mass tragedy. They face a determined group of gun-rights advocates, who assail any attempts to restrict ownership. Featuring commentary by bestselling author Stephen King, who waded into the gun debate in a 2013 essay.



2016 | Director: Jan Haaken | 23 minutes
Doctors, nurses and medical assistants in Kenya navigate a complex web of social norms and legal guidelines to provide post-abortion care and other reproductive health services for women under a newly liberalized constitution.


Milk Men

2015 | Director: Jan Haaken | 76 minutes
Psychologist and filmmaker Jan Haaken revisits the region where she spent childhood summers on her aunt and uncle’s dairy farm, following four farming families as they try to survive amidst intense pressures that have led most small and medium-sized dairies to go under. The film provides a unique window into family relationships — and human relationships with cows — and probes public discomfort with industrializing an area of agriculture long associated with rural America. 


50 Feet From Syria

2015 | Director: Skye Fitzgerald | 39 minutes
With a suitcase full of donated stainless-steel bone implants, Syrian-American surgeon Hisham Bismar arrives at a Turkish hospital on the Syrian border ready for anything. What he finds is horror, chaos, and a steady stream of refugees in need of medical care. Shortlisted for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short in 2016.


Love and Country

2013 | Director: Dan Sadowsky | 11 minutes
A same-sex couple’s life together is at risk from immigration policy and marriage discrimination. Jensi Albright and Carmen Gutierrez struggle to find safety as the Supreme Court hears two cases on the constitutionality of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act and Congress debates an immigration reform bill that includes a provision to grant residency to same-sex partners of U.S. citizens. Screened as part of advocacy efforts by Immigration Equality, Basic Rights Oregon, Causa and Oregon New Sanctuary Movement.